Tips to choose the best monitor for playing games

gaming monitor
Did you know that the best gaming monitors are specifically designed for playing video games? Following are some tips to shop for right monitors. Always opt for bigger gaming monitors as you will experience as if playing in real world. You can go for 27 inch full high definition monitors which have higher resolution of about 1920 by 1080 pixels. The latest 27 inch quad high definition monitors has maximum resolution of about 1560 by 1440 pixels. The HIGHER pixel rate monitors will provide sharp images than FHD but you need to have higher graphics engine to display the new games. If you have lot of space, you can go for 30 to 34 inches UHD monitors which will deliver excellent images with an amazing resolution.

Choosing the best panel technology

There are many types of panel technologies and each has its both positives and negatives. The most popular debate is led vs lcd. Twisted nematic panels are low cost and popular panels among the gamers where it provides fast pixel responses. The disadvantage of this panel is color shifts when viewed the image from side angles.  Vertical alignment panels offers high contrast ratio, strong colors and it will also display dark blacks. The disadvantage is it shows ghosting effects and poor quality of gaming performance. Of all the above plane switching panels are best where it offers good color quality and gray scale performance & images are clear when viewed at certain angles. But its pixel response is low when compared to twisted nematic panels.

Look for refresh rate and pixel response

The pixel response specification is gray to gray measured in milliseconds and also shows the time when it takes the pixel to transition from one shade to another. A low pixel response provides smoothness of overall image when compared to higher response. It helps to remove the smearing of moving pictures. For gaming applications utilize monitors that have fast refresh rates. Usually in video games the images are fastly displayed and changes rapidly. Hence monitors with fast refresh rates will able to handle the changing images without affecting games performance. Two millisecond gray to gray responses are ideal but 4ms gray to gray response is more adequate for games. The gaming monitors average refresh rate is 8ms or less. But with refresh rates of 2ms or 4ms will do even better. Free sync and G-sync are the latest monitors which use synchronization technology to decrease tearing and artifacts, lower of input lag. But this monitors need graphics card with DP (display port) 1.2 output.

Check for video inputs and many other features

Look for the best monitor with lot of video inputs so that you can connect with PC’s, PS4 and Xbox one. Majority consoles utilize HDMI ports so dual is ideal while high end graphics card provides both DVI and display port connectivity. Available of USB ports is also an added advantage to connect with external peripherals, gaming controllers and thumb drives. Get powerful speakers within built sub woofer which is thrilling gaming experience. If you want to read some monitor reviews click here.

How To Find A Good SEO Expert

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For any website owner the first and the most important issue is the ranking of the website. For this reason most owners hire a phoenix SEO expert and trust the advancement of their website to the professionals. If your website does not appear on the first pages of search engines or it is hardly familiar with readers, it means you badly need a real SEO expert to give your website a life. Now comes the question of hiring the most successful Seattle SEO expert and discuss all the points with him. To hire a reliable and professional SEO consultant, consider the following options beforehand.
1. A top seo firm with a high reputation will firstly provide you with the lists of the past clients and their feedback. He or she will also deliver some references from the successfully conducted websites and its results. All of this will enable you to think you are making the best choice while signing a contract with him.
2. Freely discuss with the SEO expert about his plans and intentions. Know how he is going to raise the visibility of the site and make it on top rankings. It is very important to have info about the SEO campaign, what strategies he will conduct and how long it will take to get the visible results. Ask the expert if he covers SEO off-page service, that is the website’s awareness on social media or blogs. It’s also very important to ask him if he is a front end developer that is well versed in seo focused design as well as all the current trends in web development.
3. Require guarantees for the website achievement. You are hiring a SEO expert, you are paying him, thus you have a right to get guarantees that your website will reach to the success you want. Speecheless, it is nearly impossible to give 100% guarantee on the success, however a good SEO expert will inform immediately that the website performs badly, it does not record the expected results. All of this must be done early and on time.

Seattle seo expert video

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